Big News For Grady! – My Next Step

by gradycarter


This is a picture I took of myself right after I found out that I passed

Hello friends, family, and readers,

For the last year I have been flipping/renovating houses with my mom and our crew, and it’s been amazing. I’m actually going to keep doing that, but a new venture and challenge has come my way. I have officially passed the state test in Oklahoma to become a real estate licensee! I feel very blessed in many ways, and one of those ways is that I will have the opportunity to go work for a wonderful friend of our family, Gwen Holmes. Going to work for Gwen at Metro Brokers is really an honor as their team is highly experienced, and I understand that this is a very unique opportunity for someone in my position. My favorite book is “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, which is about taking advantage of unique opportunities in your life essentially, and I expect that this is one of the “outlier” moments in my life.

So this post is mostly meant to be a life update for those who would like to keep up with me, but if you are buying or selling a house / looking for a place to rent or a tenant in Norman, Oklahoma you know who to call :-). This past year getting to be a part of a team of people who have been approaching and fixing many unique housing situations as been a wonderful life experience, and it’s given me a real drive and curiosity for this industry. I love watching people get their new home where they will raise their children, or retire and spend their golden years. I’m feeling very excited to explore my hometown, and get to know her people even more.

As this is a milestone in my life there are a lot of people I’d like to thank, but I’d especially like to thank my mom, Kelcie… Being able to work with her will be something that I treasure until I die… And I’m looking forward to renovating houses with her until I’m blue in the face :-). In the words of my dear friend Matt Hunter, “to know her is to love her”, and I’ve never known anyone more loved than my mother.