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A Face in the Crowd: Say Goodbye to Anonymity – 60 Minutes


I hate to unnecessarily scare people, but this is rather alarming to me. In this report at one point they say that big brother become the private markets. Well, as a social/civic libertarian that is something that i would be afraid of. I have some fear of the government, at all levels, but also of influential industries that change the way that we live. Is there anyway for us to go back? Are we right in our complicity that all technological and social developments are good for us? Watching reports like this really challenge me with how I spend my time and resources. If you are like me and have mistrust for both big government and big business what might you suggest we do about it if we are not supposed to use either against one another?

A Free Civics Lesson Everyone Needs to Hear!

I have never really done any physical protesting, but I’m pretty sure this is how it should be done…

If you are a conservative are you excited that Sarah Palin is looking into Running for Senate? – Morning Joe

Sarah Palin has made it known that she is eyeing a run at the senate race in 2014. If you are conservative do you want her and her very large platform to run, or do you want her to just move on? It seems that almost everyone will have an opinion on this, as she has just been such a big part of the conversation for




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Sarah Palin ‘considering’ 2014 run for Senate


8:09 AM on 07/10/2013

Sarah Palin said she has considered running for Senate in 2014.

“I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it,” she said on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Tuesday. “But I’m still waiting to see you know what the lineup will be and hoping that there…will be some new blood, new energy, not just kind of picking from the same old politician in the state.”

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele suggested Palin believes she could be that new blood.

“Sarah’s position in most political fights, whether it’s within the party or externally, she’s always positioned herself outside of that typical mainstream group of leadership,” Steele said duringMorning Joe Wednesday. “I think also she’s looking down the road as a warm-up to ’16, not to say that Sarah is running, but positioning herself maybe as a senator from Alaska on a national stage.”

A poll earlier this year found that Palin has little support among Alaskans. Only 16% said Palin should consider a presidential run in 2016, a February poll by Public Policy Polling found.

The former Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate said she has a “heart for service” and would consider a run if it would “help the cause.” Since resigning mid-term as governor amid an ethics violation investigation, Palin has worked on and off as a Fox contributor.

If she ran, she would challenge Alaska Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat. Begich was one of four red-state Democrats who voted against background checks in the Senate, which critics said was a defensive move from a senator up for re-election next term.

Just a Reminder That Letting Gay Parents Get Married is Maybe Not So Bad…



History was made today, twice in fact, as the United States Supreme Court struck down DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act, poorly named in my opinion), and the standing for Proposition 8 in California (which was a democratically lead initiative to make same sex marriage illegal). A lot of people are going to be very upset, and a lot of people are going to be very excited. And honestly there are going to be a lot of people who don’t really care… I think that in these times of administrative scandal and executive mistrust we might want to come together and agree in lessening the governments roll in certain aspects of our lives.

A couple of years ago Zach Wahls had the chance to speak in front of his representative body in the Iowa Congress to talk about Gay Marriage, and he told a short but sweet story. So sweet in fact it ended up getting him a speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention. But you know what? That speech could have very well been at the Republican National Convention if Republicans would’ve claimed this issue as a way to tell the government to back off… It’s not too late to feel that way, and to get on board the at least somewhat libertarian bandwagon. Well, I’m not quite as well spoken as Zach, so I’ll let his infamous speech do the talking


A few months ago I blogged about Proposition 8 specifically in regards to those who are a part of religious organizations who oppose marriage equality from the bully pulpit of public opinion. This day might be a lesson to some of those members of society, but maybe not. Feel free to read it by CLICKING HERE.

This Day 50 Years Ago: Race Relations in Crisis – Civil Rights Leaders Discussing The Assassination of Medgar Evers


On this day 50 years ago (June 12, 1963), the nation, and this panel were faced with an ugly reality of racial indecencies as a leader in Mississippi’s NAACP was gunned down outside of his house with his wife and children inside. I personally love going back an listening to old debates and panels, especially that I might notice the semantical differences that point towards the very real social order of the time. It’s one of the reasons why I love watching Mad Men, I feel like I’m understanding the world better thanks to understanding our older generations better.

There is so much nuance and confusion that could be injected into these conversations, but there are certainly things about them that are simple (discrimination as it was in these times was simply wrong, and that is very clear to me). But to sum up our cultural and natural barriers in life I shall quote my good friend Luke, “Life is one crazy life my man.”. I couldn’t agree more. May in the craziness of our lives we not forget to look out for others.

Turkey’s Civil Revolt: Istanbul Rising – VICE



I have a confession: I have never been in a fist fight in my whole life… There, I said it. I’m glad that I haven’t, and I’ve actually talked my way out of fights at bars on multiple occasions (and actually have hugged it out with guys who wanted to beat my face in just moments prior). I’ve always thought of myself as relatively tough however, but maybe I don’t necessarily want to test whether or not I am as tough as I think that I am…

When I see videos of people standing up to police lines, as many have done around the world in the last few years, I have a multitude of voices in my head. Party of me thinks that those people must be crazy and reckless, but then part of me asks why so many are so willing to risk their health and life. It is much like the most historically compelling case for belief in Jesus as the son of God – why would these people risk so much, and suffer so greatly if it weren’t as serious and as real to them as they are saying? Well, I don’t know that I’m a gigantic advocate for rioting, but I do know that bold stands like this compel me to listen.


America’s Second Revolutionary War – VICE/InfoWars


So there are 2 videos that I felt like I should pair together for this post. The first is an interview with InfoWars.Com’s Alex Jones on the BBC about probably the top annual event for conspiracy theorist community, the Bilderberg conference. The second is a video about some of the people who feel as Alex does about government and conspiracies.

Ok, so… Well, when I was a teen I used to look up conspiracy theories all of the time and thouroughly freak myself out on a regular basis. I mean I would really freak myself out… I could found myself believing most anything that had a lengthy explanation. With that said I feel that I’ve grown out of this stage of my life, mostly. However I’m left with a very real sympathy for the informed paranoid citizens of the world, such as Alex Jones.

I think that Alex and his group Info Wars probably knows some things that are very real, and that I would like to know about. However, I also think he is theatrical and doing some of those for the money. I just don’t know what to make of it in full… I listen to these groups and tend to find that I just don’t agree with them on way too much, especially their tone and approach – and ultimately I find them to be too gullible.

It doesn’t offend me that Jones and people like him go after Bilderberg, although I don’t intend to waste too much time researching them (especially if they are actually mischievous and are keeping tabs on this conversation and everything else that I do…), but I must admit that I am curious.

I’m posting these videos because, well it’s complex… I feel that many of my friends aren’t aware of the degree of some of the outrage that exists in the world, in particular on the conservative side of the aisle. Now that doesn’t mean that all conservatives are this outraged, or believe all of the things that Alex believes, but this is who they are being associated with politically.

I try to post about things that are helpful to discuss and learn about, and I really debated posting this, but in the end I think that it’s good to know that this is out there, whether it speaks to you or not. It doesn’t really speak to me, but if it does speak to you that is ok with me. But please try to stay calm so we can talk about these things… And yes, I understand that if you think that The New World Order is ruling us all that it is hard to casually discuss it, but please do try.

“Brainwashed by Westboro Baptist Church” – VICE



There are multiple reasons why Westboro Baptist Church is disturbs me, but most of all because of the way that Children are bullied. I would actually love to sit down with these guys and see what all they think about the world, because I’ve had some ideas before that might be considered a little crazy. I used to find myself in hour long conversations with the people who came to our campus in college to tell everyone that they were going to hell. Usually the conversations would be pretty fun, and would end on a good note where I would tell them that I thought there were better and more articulate ways to get their point across.

Well anyway, I think that this video is fascinating. I still do not understand how they feel warranted to speak so hatefully, but they do seem to really mean it, so as long as they are being honest I want to hear what they have to say – which is how I ended up getting Mormon missionaries stopping by my house every week in the summer of 2010.


Deficit Reduction, Minus the Reduction – Steve Rattner

Deficit Reduction, Minus the Reduction.

This was published in the New York Times on April 11th, 2013, but I thought that it was worth sharing. This type of policy debate is not simple, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t try to know about it, And Steve Rattner puts it into a great perspective. So maybe just give it a quick look.


Deficit Reduction, Minus the Reduction

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