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Tired of That “I Want To Go To Church And Not Be Called Dumb Or Bigoted” Feeling? You’re Not Alone.






In 2008 I moved to China to live with a group of Americans in China (including my sister) who had pledged to live amongst the Chinese, and teach English in their schools as a form of ministry. We of course couldn’t be overt,  that would have been illegal, but we would live our lives and set examples so that they might find themselves curious why we loved so freely, and shared what we had with such ease – well that was the goal at least. While I was living in China someone introduced me to the teachings of Tim Keller, and at first my pride prevented me from giving it a shot and listening to my friend’s advice (and I think this same know-it-all mentality is a one of the biggest plagues of the human condition).  Ever since I began listening to Mr. Keller I have found great comfort in people having differing opinions, and in the idea that God made me curious and surely wants me to ask as many questions as I genuinely am able!!!

I just ran across this clip recently, while I recommend watching longer talks of his, I know about this “know-it-all” human condition from which all people seem susceptible of falling victim, so I figured I’d post a short and sweet video as an introduction for anyone willing to listen for a hand full of minutes on this beautiful Sunday. If you are interested in hearing more from Tim I recommend watching his talks at Google, which were reported at the time to have been the most crowded lectures by an author at Google (which surprised me). I will post one of them below from when he went to Google to discuss his book “A Reason For God”. I hope you enjoy.


Tim Keller at Google

The World is Sinking: Preventative Measures – VICE


As someone who tends to believe that human behavior does affect our climate this video is very interesting to me.

“Hubris: Selling the Iraq War” (Special Report)


So lately I’ve decided to post a few Rachel Maddow segments, and I’m sure that has a lot of my loved ones in Oklahoma very worried about me. I would first like to clarify a couple of things. I don’t always agree with her, but when I do I find it worthwhile to share because I would imagine that many around me would otherwise never hear anything that she says, and I hear her often mischaracterized as just the opposite of the guys of Fox News (I don’t think that’s true, I appreciate that her shows are designed with enough information that you can refute what she says, and that doesn’t mean that I always think she’s right). Also, there are very few shows that are free on itunes as a podcast, but her show is, and while I didn’t have cable for 2 years I was very grateful for that.

Next I’d like to clarify my purpose of posting this video. I am not trying to pick a fight, or tease anyone. As a matter of policy and governance I simply disagree with the way that the Iraq War was instigated and executed. I say this with a limited knowledge of the military, so feel free to educate me if you know something that I don’t know. You are allowed to disagree and I can deal with that, although I might have questions for you. I try very hard to be reasonable, and part of that for me means that it’s important to reflect on our successes and failures. I don’t consider our troops to have failed, I am incredibly humbled that people risk their lives for me and live in the conditions in which our soldiers do, but I do consider our leadership in regards to this war to have been a failure on multiple levels.

If you find this video to be interesting, or even if you don’t, I recommend watching the documentary “No End In Sight” (which as of this post you can find on Netflix). If you are someone who has served in the United States Military I want to be clear that I am posting this with an honest concern for American lives, as well as for lives around the world, and I mean no disrespect.



I think that it’s a complete failure on part of our media that most people I’ve talked to about the War in Iraq have no clue as to the unbelievable devastation that Iraq has experienced… This short documentary is definitely being produced by people who are unapologetically liberal, and I wouldn’t dispute that. However, I think that being partisan doesn’t disqualify an argument, poor logic and a lack of information disqualifies arguments, but unsympathetic partisanship really can kill a great conversation. I supported the war as a 16 year old boy, but I no longer think it was wise. This video explains part of my change of heart/mind:

For anyone interested in watching “No End in Sight” I will post the trailer below. Again, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, this is in no way meant to taunt anyone on my behalf. I know that this is challenging and per usual on challenging topics I expect a lot of views, but very little interaction, and that’s ok. However you feel about this post I hope that you can accept my sentiment when I say God Bless America, and God Bless all of our brothers and sisters of the world.

How David Letterman and I Became Friends… (1-16-13, Kardashians and Buddy Guy) – YouTube

How David Letterman and I Became Friends… (1-16-13, Kardashians & Buddy Guy) – YouTube.

So recently I had the chance while in New York City to go to a taping of Late Night with David Letterman, and it was a Great experience. I didn’t actually become friends with Dave, but we did get to chat for about a minute, and I like to think that I’ve never met a stranger (so we are friends now…).

*I’m posting the video of the introduction and my explanation right here, and also the segments from the show below to share my experience. I wanted to type out the experience since that is normally how I do things like this (I’m not normally a video blogger). The explanations are somewhat identical, so feel free to skip this explanation below if you’d rather read it.

*The clip of the show starts at about 2:30 in this video.

I went to the show with one of my friends who I hadn’t seen in person since summer camp when I was 13 years old (half of my life ago). But thanks to the miracle of social media he and I reconnected and we had some great conversations, and shared a David Letterman experience.

So, before we went to the show I had been warned by multiple people that we should try to dress reasonably well and be enthusiastic, we did both and we had great seats. Before the show started we got to watch a few minutes of standup comedy (which I loved), and then we listened to the band get everyone fired up. Paul Shaffer came out right before Dave, and then we were off for an hour long adventure filled with Kim and Kortney Kardashian, and Blues legend Buddy Guy. But, before the show started the audience had a chance to ask Dave questions, and I was ready for it. Right when he asked if anyone had any questions I shot my hand up, not entirely sure what I was going to ask. He asked me my name (I told the truth), and then he asked where I was from. When I told him Oklahoma he acted interested and asked which town. I said Norman, and he started asking about the Sooners (University of Oklahoma, for anyone who doesn’t know), and he seemed to be baiting me to explain to everyone that they were the people who cheated in the land run in the late 1800’s.

So finally I get to ask my question, and I decided on the question that I would forever remember asking David Letterman, and I asked him:

“How old were you when you realized that you were funny?”

The audience laughed pretty hard (which was about the coolest feeling ever), and he seemed to think it was a funny question. Due to a surge of adrenaline I don’t remember exactly what he said back to me, but he said something self deprecating about not being sure if he is really funny.

So he then thanks everyone for being there and heads back stage to start the show, and when he comes back out there is a miscue with the cue card guy, and they have to go again. On the second run something happened that I’ll never forget – he came out an introduced himself as Norman Oklahoma… To the audience this was pretty funny, but it obviously made no sense to anyone who wasn’t in the room 3 minutes earlier. It was a very small blip on TV, and meant nothing in terms of David Letterman’s career, but having a momentary inside joke with the Late Night personality of my adolescence and young adulthood was absolutely priceless.

After that it was a blast to watch how the show was run, and it was great to see such a different spread of guests with the Kardashians and Buddy Guy. So here are some clips from the show that don’t include yours truly.

The Monologue:

The Kardashians:

Buddy Guy:

Presidential Election Roast – Al Smith Dinner Speeches

Mitt Romney Al Smith Dinner Speech – YouTube.

President Obama’s Al Smith Dinner Speech – YouTube.

The Presidential Election is tomorrow… Wow, I’m excited, and nervous. So, I thought today would be a good day to post something to remind us of the humanity that is so often covered up by political games.

The Al Smith Dinner is one of the best events in politics… It is a night where the Presidential candidates come together for a charity dinner benefiting Catholic Charities. Some of these lines do pack a punch, and they do have some truth in them, but most of them have to do with the talking points of the day. What I’m saying is that some of it is funny because it’s true, and some of it is just funny because it’s all we have been hearing, they are jokes… I love politics, and I love comedy, so enjoy 🙂

Also, I’m glad that this happened before the hurricane because having events like this (and this is probably the most important of all like it) are incredibly important for this increasingly polarized nation.

Al Smith Dinner – Governor Romney


Al Smith Dinner – President Obama

Day and Night in New York City Captured in Single Images (8 Pictures)

Day and Night in New York City Captured in Single Images.

These are great

Via: Design Float

My First Day In NYC: Videos and Pics

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The City So Nice They Named It Twice

Today was my first taste of a place that I think will probably be one of my favorite in the world for the rest of my life. Hartleigh and I went to my first every Broadway show, and it was incredible… I’ll get into that later in the post. So let’s start at the beginning of my arrival. I love big cities, and I love trying to make friends with people I don’t know, and there are a lot of people here. I got here last night, and Hartleigh and I walked straight to Time Square, which was amazing, and then we pretty much went home, not before getting some great pizza. Here is a video of Time Square.

Time Square

By the way, this day included my dearest friend Hartleigh Buwick, and I just wanted to reference her Blog really quick for anyone who might be interested:
Delicious Ambiguity

This morning we woke up, ate some great omelets that she made, and then did the dumbest/smartest thing we could’ve done… We did an “Insanity” workout. If you don’t know what that is it’s no big deal, just google it if you’re curious. I was exhausted, but when it was all said and done it made our day go much better.

We then decided to hop on the Subway (fyi: they don’t take sub club cards…) and we went to Manhattan and walked around for a while. Here are some pictures and videos of what ensued.

And feel free to go straight to the facebook album if you’d like:
The Facebook Album

Grady "Kenneth the Page" Carter

30 Rock
Hartleigh got lost for a second in all of the mirrors...

And here are the rest of the videos:

30 Rockefeller Center

The Scary Movie Tunnel

Oh, and right before this we met an old Chinese guy in Central Park who was playing something that looked and sounded like and “Ar hu” but he said it was something different. He let me play it (insisted actually) and I figured our Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb of course. It was really fun to speak Chinese with him. I love speaking Chinese with Chinese people because they get So excited, hahaha. I don’t know that much, but we chatted for a few minutes.

The “Big” Piano

And the thing about the night that was the most amazing part of all is that Hartleigh got us tickets to go see “In The Heights” and Jordin Sparks (American Idol winner) was in it… It was freaking great. Oh, and did I mention that it won the Tony Award for the best show in 2008?… It was great. I will say that miss Sparks was not the best actress, but her voice was seriously unbelievable… It’s about a neighborhood in New York, called Washington Heights. It made me imagine how proud those people in that neighborhood must be of this show. I just know that if there was a show about “The Trails” on Broadway I would freak out… I’m really curious as to what that show might look like though… But anyways, this show was fantastic.

Watching this performance really did challenge my thinking, and caused me to ask myself more seriously why I don’t have a creative outlet in my life with consistency… That was probably my biggest lesson for the day.

Overall it was a great day… Thanks for caring enough about my life to have read this if you’re still reading. I am comfortable saying that I love you if you are still looking at your screen.


p.s. Feel free to comment below (you don’t need an account)

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