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Guess Who’s Taking Over For Letterman on Latenight!!!! It’s Exactly Who It Should Be :-)


Wow… There are those moments in entertainment that can really make you pause for a moment to consider generations passed, and generations to come. The retirement of David Letterman was one of those moments for me. I have always enjoyed his show, mostly for the interviews that were so uncanny. Having had the chance to talk with him, and being on his show for a split second, he will be burned into my story ever so slightly. I posted about this when it happened, but I will be including the video and the post from when I was on his show for a moment in time.

With all of that said, there is not a more talented person in show business in my mind than Stephen Colbert. I understand that there exist people who like neither of these men for political reasons, but they are both enormously talented in their own ways. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! And I can’t wait for Stephen to shed his character for the new show, he will end up being one of the all time greats I think…

Morning Joe Discusses Letterman Retirement:

How David Letterman And I Became Best Friends… Ok, We Just Met.

If you’d like to see the whole post from right after I got to meet Dave, click the link RIGHT HERE.

Stephen Colbert on MSNBC’s Morning Joe – YouTube

Stephen Colbert on MSNBC’s Morning Joe – YouTube.

Gosh, I could watch this a dozen times.

Astride The Broken Glass – Losing My Grandmother, And Keeping My Hope

Astride The Broken Glass – Losing My Grandmother, And Keeping My Hope

From my journal on 10-1-12

I originally journaled the writing below on October 1, 2012. What inspired me to write it in the first place was a conversation with my grandma Dede. Dede’s “grown up” name is Dorma, and she has been sick for the last few years, and she has slowly gotten weaker and weaker. That sickness recently took a turn for the worse, and she passed away on Sunday night at 8 PM. This is been very hard for our family, but we had quite a bit of time to prepare ourselves, and everyone got to say goodbye. We all told her that it was time to let go, and fifteen minutes after my dad told her it was time and came home she took her last breath. I’m getting pretty worked up thinking about this right now, but it’s still a very fresh wound.

Over the last few years Dede has lived about a mile and a half from my parents, and so I’ve gotten to see her all a lot. I decided to record some of our conversations on my phone’s voice memo app (I recommend doing this with your loved ones), and I plan to go back through those and listen to them to share with others, because some of them are pretty long.

Dede raised three wonderful children, including my dad, and she has lived through having 2 successful marriages that each tragically ended too early. She was always very politically aware, and more up-to-date on current events than any of the young people in our family… She had become a pro at knowing who to listen to, to find out what was going on in the world, or at least who was saying what. In the last few days of being able to speak she actually said to my cousin Travis that he needed to watch Morning Joe everyday (it’s free on iTunes), because “they are the fairest option right now”, and she insisted that it’s important to know what’s going on. I’m very proud and happy the Dede has been and will continue to be part of my life. I probably should’ve shown her this journal entry before she passed away, but she would still want me to post it, as I think that she would’ve appreciated much of what it says, but was were able to talk about plenty and I won’t have regrets.

One thing that I usually try to avoid when people start talking about death is what I will get to keep from them in terms of possessions. I usually don’t care at all, however I decided a little while back that I wanted to ask Dede for her signed Hillary Clinton book “It Takes a Village”, she was very proud of that when I was little boy, and my sister Claire found it on her bookshelf, and so that and a few other books that represent our relationship pretty well. I’m sorry this is so long, but it’s hard to lose someone, and when I stop writing part of me is saying goodbye… I love Dede, and I’m so glad that she was a part of my life. Sorry for being sappy, but this is my blog, and she was my wonderful grandma. I hope you enjoy the journal entry, as I’m sure she would have. This is a journal entry, so it’s not perfect, but it comes straight from my heart, which is grieving right now, and it feels right to post it. Maybe it’s time to take a moment in your day to call someone that you love, and maybe just put it in your calendar to do it regularly so that it becomes a habit. And maybe record your conversations with your grandparents on your phone, or something like that – just plan ahead to fit people who you love into your life.


Astride the Broken Glass

I would like to discuss the lives of my mother and my grandmothers. It’s difficult to write about my mother and grandmothers in such a personal way while they are alive, life’s closest bonds can seem to feel like a secret. Sometimes being in a crowd with someone you adore feels like a private understanding of faith and trust in someone that should remain unspoken.

My mother has encouraged me my entire life that no question is a bad question, and by that I mean that no question makes you a bad person if it is asked sincerely with earnest curiosity. I’ve felt this since I was a young boy. But as stories change in time (ie: a big fish story), so changes the way one comes to understand one whom they admire. I want to tell the story of my mother and grandmothers, whom I admire.

Hearing a story about someone who loves their parent is not all too foreign a story in the world, but I feel that we are living in a time where the parental paradigm has shifted, and I feel like I’ve had a front row sweat. When a family member is lost the tenth degree of inconvenient cannot describe the vacuum that one can feel in their center. I have been fortunate not to lose too many members of my family. But as I’ve witnessed the lives of the women who occupy my own life I notice a growth that has become a mysterious trove of history in my family that I have felt incredibly blessed to have observed. Both of my grandmothers are still alive, and though they are very different from one another they both have had very profound impacts of my life.

DeDe: She tends to want to talk about the now, and the future. She is always very up-to-date on what is going on. Dede has been a passive leader of my family, and managed to raised 3 successful children with strength and grace. We weren’t as close when I was young, but at some point I figured out that her role in my life is unique, she’s helped to teach me boundaries and expectations.


Dede was always very well kept. She was a very classy woman.


Honey: My mother’s mother loves to talk about the past, as she has very high expectations for humankind. She is very religious, and sometimes it’s almost as if she has been picked right of the 1950’s. She has experienced a lot of grief in her life, and she still manages to laugh, and I love our family so much. She has strength that I’ll probably never know.


Honey and I took an impromptu nap while she was telling me stories recently.

Mom: My mother has been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember, and she is now flipping houses (where did that come from?!)… She raised 3 college graduates (and 2 highly educated women – a doctor of psychology, and a lawyer). She has been an example of how to surround yourself with love, and also how to be strong through pain. And when I say pain I mean physical pain, as she has undergone a multitude of major surgeries on her back shoulders and hip, and yet she won’t slow down… Sometimes I like to try to picture her on my grandpa’s old ranch land, just being a little cowgirl, because in a lot of ways she still is.




The degree of personal freedom for women has changed over a few generations, and things are getting better! Of course for a lot of people this starts to sound like a conversation about abortion, but that’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about women being treated with dignity and respect for their abilities. When I look at the lives of my grandmas, my mother, and my sisters there are some very stark contrasts when it comes to opportunities and expectations. My grandmothers were obviously supposed to be homemakers, according to society. My mother was able to live through a period of time where women could work, but obviously there was a stigma about what kind of jobs they could have (ie: Mad Men), and she was able to watch the discussion brew over women working and making it home. Now women like my sisters, and others in their generation are much more likely to have high-paying, or more powerful jobs, and for some of them the debate is not how to both have a job and make a home, but whether or not to do both. We are still living in a very transformative time. I think that as people realize this they need to start asking the question about how they can support women progressing in this world, and my best guess is that it’s done a microlevel with the woman that you know, encourage them! Regardless of the national debate over policy and laws for women’s freedom and what course it might take, the real fight will be lead by women who make a change – like my mother, and like my grandmothers.

I don’t believe that having a fighting spirit is something to be shunned, yet I still consider myself an altruist. Women in leadership roles will continue to encounter struggle, but I can’t help but be inspired by watching this flower bloom, and my sister’s have become the next peddle on the rose… Having a since of human pride I am sometimes slow to concede to my sister’s, but they have crossed a void that I will doubtfully ever cross by comparison. One of my sisters is a doctor and the other is a lawyer (this sounds like some kind of a joke I know), and they have each been met with challenges, and they have taken those challenges head on. Thanks to women like Dede and Honey there has been a path and an example for women like my mom. Observing the chain reaction between my grandmothers and my mother, and then from my mother to my sisters has been very humbling. Younger women like my sisters are going to change the world… And I couldn’t be more proud.


We’ll miss you Dede, and I’ll be listening to our old conversations for a long, long time 🙂




Russell Brand Takes Over the News As Only He Could – Morning Joe


For the last 2 and a half years I have watched Morning Joe nearly every single weekday. Well, I have watched the podcast version of the show, which is shortened down from the 3 hours of the standard show to a 1 hour segment without commercials.

I started watching the show after I had the opportunity to meet the shows 2 main hosts in December of 2010 at the launch conference for the political group No Labels, for who I worked for a few months. Joe and Mika were very kind and courteous to me while I followed them around with a hand held camera for about 20 minutes as I was instructed to do, well minus a few weird looks from Mika. After watching them 5 times a week for 2 and a half years I really feel a closeness that only television can propagate.

Well as they are my dear friends at heart, in some way, I don’t post this to taunt them, but this video is wonderful at their show’s expense, in particular for Mika. Neither Joe or Mika are perfect, but as Russell Brand slowly breaks down their show I could help but smile, he was being human, transparent, and caring whether it seemed like it to Mika or not. Please, take a few minutes to enjoy this derailing of an interview that comes from simple carelessness, and definitely stands to serve and teach a few lessons in how to speak to people.

Morning Joe Charts on Government Printing and Buying Money – Steve Rattner Morning Joe Charts: Fed
Morning Joe Charts: Fed

Posted: 20 Jun 2013 11:55 AM PDT

If you have time I recommend watching the video by clicking on the link below.

On yesterday’s Morning Joe, Steven Rattner discusses the growing number of bonds purchased by the Fed in its efforts to stimulate the economy. He shows how markets have reacted to Ben Bernanke’s pronouncements that the Fed will begin tapering down its bond-buying program should the economy continue to improve. Click here to view the video.

(Note: Red bulls-eyes on the last chart indicate statements made by Bernanke.)




The three dots in the chart above represent times when Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke has spoken publicly. The most recent example of this showed some short term turmoil on the stock market.



The Top 1% of the Top 1% in Charts – Steve Rattner’s Morning Joe Charts (02-20-2013)

The Top 1% of the Top 1% in Charts – Steve Rattner’s Morning Joe Charts (02-20-2013)

I would love to explain this, but I will just let Steve and the charts speak for themselves.

Jobs Update – Steve Rattner Feb. 4, 2013

Morning Joe Charts – Jobs, 2/4/13

So it seems that things are looking up, but of course these numbers have become increasingly controversial over the last 6 months to a year, but I’m hoping that was mostly due to the election season, and we will get back to having conversations based around trustworthy facts from groups like the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).


Morning Joe Charts: Fiscal Cliff (Uncertainty, Investment, Confidence) – Steve Rattner

Morning Joe Charts: Fiscal Cliff.

These charts tell a very simple, but very important story. What we can pretty easily decipher from these charts is the idea that ideology isn’t necessarily that important in the eyes of the financial markets. What is important rather is certainty in the market often based on whether or not we have a functioning government. I’ve sighted several times before the simple fact that Standard and Poors (S&P) downgraded the United States credit rating based on us not having a government capable of governing. With the recent conversations over raising taxes (whether by closing loopholes, or raising rates) softening it will be interesting to see what happens with Grover Norquist’s Tax Pledge, and how it will play into these very important times.

And now, some charts:

Morning Joe Charts: Fiscal Cliff – Steve Rattner

Morning Joe Charts: Fiscal Cliff.

So now that the election is over and we’ve had a little time to digest what has happened we need to face it, the election it’s self didn’t solve our problems. So, it’s time to get back to talking about what we’re facing as a nation. The biggest problem that we face currently in the short term is the Fiscal Cliff, and it is really going to take some grownups to work this out.

These charts break down the different sides of what would or wouldn’t happen if we were to allowed to go over the “fiscal cliff”, but the chart at the end is the best at summarizing what action/inaction would actually mean for the country in general terms.

This chart is the more long term version of what Mr. Rattner and projects from the CBO’s (Congressional Budget Office) reporting on the fiscal cliff.

Here is a quick video explaining what we can expect with facing the “fiscal cliff”.

Schwab on Fiscal Cliff

The Polls vs Intrade Going Into Election Day

I’ve posted a lot of polls, but it looks like these will be the last for this election cycle.

These are all states to watch, but the one that I keep hearing people make a big deal about is Pennsylvania. Partially due to voter laws and regulations, but if PA goes red (doubtful, as usual…) we’ll probably be talking about President Romney on Wednesday, but maybe not.

So we have several different Polls, but also I’m adding some charts from Intrade. Intrade is basically the Vegas style betting platform for politics, and believe it or not it is almost always the most accurate predictor… These charts were posted by my main man Steve Rattner on Morning Joe:

And now for some polls














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