U.S. Tax Revenue Historically Low

by gradycarter

Thank you Danny D. for sending me this video.

I first want to say that I understand that people are very scared about the government being too involved in spending of the people’s money, but there are two different aspects of governmental intervention with people’s money.

1. The government can use tax payer dollars to pay for things that it finds necessary.
2. The government can make rules for how people can do business with one another, that are intended to have the most reasonable system to represent fairness.

The first one is the more widely debated issue for average people, but the second one is the one that is actually the most frightening to the people with the most money. As a mater-of-fact, for most of the people with the largest amount of wealth the first one is not so bad because they are often given huge subsidies and and/or tax cuts, and sometimes even governmental contracts that ensure them business sponsored by tax dollars because they have enough influence and money to make sure that this happens.

So while we hear people on the conservative side at the top acting like they are very upset about the government spending all of our money they are at the same time accepting BILLIONS of dollars in our money. They actually portion of governmental intervention that they are most against is the most essential, that being the part about making rules so that people aren’t cheated or taken advantage of.

So, this video that I’ve posted is about the nations Tax Revenue being historically low, and somehow we aren’t taking any of the subsidies away from the people who are crying wolf… I do think that we should eliminate some government spending, the National Debt is honestly potentially one of the most terrifying things I can think about for this world… I have written about that a few times. And If you want to find someone who actually cares about that on the conservative side of things look at Tom Coburn, a lot of people in this country don’t like him, and he might say some controversial and sometimes maybe missinformed things, but he is very real about the national debt and government spending, he asked to get rid of the Bush Tax Cuts!!! (See previous post about Bush Tax Cuts to know how I feel about that)

Having said all of this I would like to share this video by The Young Turks, who are little bit more liberal than I find myself to be, or at least not quite as open to another side of things, but they also might know a bit more than I do about how this stuff really functions in the working world, so I do respect their opinions.

And by the way, I know that I have some run-on sentences on my blog, but I’m ok with that because it is my blog and the message is not lost.

Ok, enjoy this clip, and let me know what you think.