Saying Goodbye to Joan Rivers

by gradycarter

Joan Rivers was one of the most crass and offensive comedians to ever be a part of mainstream comedy. This is just a fact. However, she paved the way for so many. As a big fan of comedy, and the progression of people being able to make an impact I have a big place in my heart for Joan, even though she manages to make me uncomfortable pretty regularly when I watch her. Joan was groundbreaking with all of her appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, but after she hosted a competing show for a short time there was a long time ban on her appearing on the Tonight Show – that was up until recently on Jimmy Fallon’s first episode after taking over the show.

So, with Joan being who she was I’m posting the thing that probably most exemplifies her career (outside of her documentary “A Piece Of Work”, which is not available on YouTube), her Comedy Central Roast.

*WARNING: if you are easily offended this will definitely offend you.

The Roast of Joan Rivers – YouTube.