So What Does Revolution Look Like?

by gradycarter

Having grown up an American citizen I’ve heard many enchanting stories about our own revolution. It is often glamorized by heroic acts of humble farmers fighting against elitist Brits with more people, and better weaponry (i.e.: The Patriot with Mel Gibson). Revolution is sometimes very necessary, but it is not pretty… And it is no secret that the world is experiencing some unrest, and has for the last few years. Well, let’s face it, there is always unrest somewhere. The most recent unrest that has the rest of the world’s attention is the uprising in the Ukraine. Below are some videos produced by VICE that might help serve as a refresher if you already know about what is going on, or it might serve as a quick update if you don’t.

This is the VICE correspondence from inside the home of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich… Ooooooh myyy.

Since this was produced much has ensued, but I still felt that these short Vice videos might help some people who were hoping to learn more about the uprising in this historically beaten and tattered nation.