Fred Armisen To Lead Seth Meyers’ ‘Late Night’ Band

by gradycarter


Johnny Carson had Doc Severinsen. David Letterman has Paul Shaffer. Conan O’Brien had Max Weinberg. And Seth Meyers will have Fred Armisen?

Meyers, set to take over NBC’s regular “Late Night” franchise at 12:35 a.m. starting February 24, will be joined by a band led by Armisen. The two had overlapping tenures at “Saturday Night Live.” Meyers, who started with the show in 2001, left the program after its most recent live broadcast, while Armisen joined in 2002 and left in 2013.

“Fred will curate and lead the band, and continue to run it even when he’s off shooting ‘Portlandia,'” Meyers said on Twitter Monday.

While Armisen is arguably best known as a comic and actor, he has a long tenure as a musician…

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