Mayor Mick Cornett’s New Ted Talk Is A Must See For Okies – TedTalk Tuesday

by gradycarter


I know that I haven’t very consistently posted on Ted Talk Tuesdays, but this was a great one to start it back up again. Over the last five or six years I have found myself loving Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett more and more. I actually even had the chance to meet him, well three times, but one time I got to talk to him for a solid five minutes. I really appreciate his more moderate approach to governance, which really just means that he believes in being fiscally responsible, but he also believes that sometimes societies must invest in themselves. As the Republican Party is trying to find new leadership that is also marketable may I suggest looking for people like mayor Cornett? He has administrative experience, and he shows himself to be very pragmatic. If your are an Okie like me I encourage you to share this video, as I think that our state has a bright future ahead of it and it’s time we start talking about the ways that we intend to keep improving ourselves.