Randy Pausch ‘The Last Lecture’: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (and #NoShaveNovember)

by gradycarter


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In this month of November I’ve been doing something that I have not done in 8 years, and for good reason. I am growing my facial hair out, and I don’t usually do this because I look very silly with a beard, as my beard is merely a partial beard (and my grandpa loves to let me know that it’s not a real beard). I’ve been doing this however because I have joined with the American Cancer Society to raise money to fight cancer. This annual event has become rather well known, and you’ve likely heard about it, or at least noticed a lot of scruffy beards, or swanky mustaches recently. Well, if you have then the idea is working. There is hope that this gesture will raise both awareness and funds to fight cancer, in particular most of these funds go towards fighting testicular cancer.

With fighting cancer in mind I thought it might be an appropriate time to re-post one of my all time favorite lectures – it’s called “The Last Lecture”. Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon, and his expertise was in artificial intelligence. Randy discovered that he had pancreatic cancer, and he decided that he wanted to live out his childhood dreams. Between the time that he recorded this lecture and the time that he does Randy wrote a book about his life proceeding, and the experience of this lecture. I highly recommend the book, especially the audiobook as he reads it, but most definitely you should watch this lecture if you have not already. Whether you watch it or not, I would really appreciate it if you would take time to donate whatever you are willing to part with right now to help fight cancer, because if not you then who?

My friends call me Beardy. #NoShaveNovember

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