Guest Contributor – “Becoming a Mother: Questions of Faith”

by gradycarter

The owner of this blog and the guest author of this piece happen to be my friends. With that fully disclosed I have to say that I find this very compelling and beautiful.

Practicing Vicariously

Practicing Vicariously is excited and honored to welcome its first Guest Contributor,Rachel, author of the blog A Well-Drafted Life! Enjoy her beautiful, thoughtful reflection and see her bio below. 



I realize only now that as I was growing up, my parents were doing their own growing up of sorts. They were on their own journeys of faith, exploring all the possibilities in search for a higher truth. They were decidedly Christian in their leanings, but also bonafide new age adherents. This meant that among visits to local Christian churches—everything from Methodist to Society of Friends—they also attended shamanic drumming circles, Qi Gong meditation groups, and just about every other non-traditional spiritual practice available in our area. And I tagged along.

As you can imagine, this taught me to be open to all faiths and spiritual practices, from eastern to…

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