My Partial Beard Totally Hates Cancer!!!

by gradycarter


I’ve always been a late bloomer. I was always late to grow, even though I was quite old for my class, and I’m still working on growing a beard at the ripe old age of 27 and a half… Well I also happen to hate cancer, as it’s affected those around me in multiple ways, and with multiple outcomes. My grandmother recently passed away, and she survived 2 different kinds of cancer. I decided that this would be the year that I would get involved with “No Shave November”, in honor of my grandmother. My face itches, and I feel a little silly, but I’m excited about it. If you would be willing to donate a few dollars to fight testicular cancer (which is the chosen cause for this annual event) I would really appreciate it. And no, my grandmother did not have testicular cancer, for those of you out there who had to ask yourself why I’m choosing to honor her, but cancer is cancer and I hate it.

The last time I grew my facial hair out was in 2005 for 2 months for an event called “Frontier Ball” for my fraternity, Sigma Nu. It was really something special, and I looked absurd… I have more facial hair now, but I don’t exactly expect to look like Grizzly Adams. I am doing this because I care, definitely not because it’s going to make me look more attractive. If you’d be willing to donate I am posting a link and a QR code below, and you can track how much money we will be raising. I am getting a later start on posting this, but I wanted to have a little something to show for it before we kicked this thing off 🙂

My goal is $1,000, and I’m feeling confident that we can do this. Thanks for reading this, and thank you for any donations you might be willing to donate to the American Cancer Society to fight testicular cancer with me or anyone else.


My Donation/Progress Page