“Obama To Ask for Congressional Approval to Intervene in Syria” – Why this is big news

by gradycarter


Obama: “US should take military action on Syria

If you keep up with the history if American relations in geopolitics you are sure to know that’s e major point of conflict in our nation is whether or not the President has to ask for congressional approval for our nation to take war powers action, even though our constitution says that they are supposed to, and we are somehow continuously at war. This is a nuanced discussion/debate, but it appears that some potentially alarm sounding news has been made.

It appears that it’s finally about to happen again, President Obama has announced that he will seek congressional approval to take action in Syria. This is doubtful to act as a precedent for moving back in the direction of congressional approval being a requirement for war, but this is not nothing. Over the next few weeks and months this will likely spark a heated debate about the workings of our nation’s military forces, especially since taking action seems to be Very unpopular looking forward, unlike the Iraq war which had considerable support, but ended with a very low level of support. I think that this more isolationist approach reflects our nations more libertarian (which doesn’t just mean right-wing) ideals – which I think is somewhat of a product of our nation having faced such adversity over the last 5 years. It seems that people feel that we have to secure our own oxygen mask before we help out the kids next to us in the plane.

*To read more about congressional involvement in war declarations click this link below.
Declaration of War by the United States