The Stanford Prison Experiment – A Must Watch Video of Human Experimentation

by gradycarter


During my tenure of college I ended up spending a semester in China as a teacher. After returning from my semester away I reconfirmed a theory in that I’d held for a few years. My theory was that people tend to act like the roles that they are told they should play. As a student I played the role of young student, but as a teacher I was much more certain and assertive in my role. And wouldn’t you know it, when I went back to school I played the role of student again… This has become a great reminder to me that it was incredibly important to treat others with with respect.

This also reminds me of a great quote by someone who a lot of people consider controversial, Joel Osteen. You don’t have to like Mr. Olsteen, but he once inspired me by saying:

“You are not the name that they call you, you are the name that you answer by.”

I wrote multiple papers in college that referenced this experiment. Well, I say experiment, but it was more so just an event… One way or another I think that people should watch this.