We All Have Those Friends – Why The Right Needs to Self Police Better

by gradycarter



Recently I shared a screenshot from my Facebook page of a status that my friend posted. I posted it because my very “patriotic” friend had posted about being willing to move to any state (outside of California and New York) that would split from the union, and I asked the question of how this could ever be considered patriotic (as it seems to be the exact opposite to me).

Well, I think that my friend as of yet does not know that I have been posting his statuses, but I can’t help it. This status is incredibly offensive to me, but I appreciate the honesty I guess… I blurred my friends name, as I don’t want to cause him to be ambushed by internet trolling. The main reason for me posting this though is to say that people on the right side of the political spectrum seem to get offended for how they are portrayed as angry and unreasonable, they aren’t all that way. However, I don’t really know anyone on the left who talks like this, but I know several people on the right who do… Of course this is more likely as I am an Oklahoma resident (born and raised), so if people know of a comparable leftist rhetoric like this I would like to see it.

I think that if conservatives want to have the mislabeling of them as a whole stop one thing that they can do is work on a little bit more self-policing on people who talk like this. I am not saying that anyone’s first amendment rights should be infringed – criticizing other people’s speech also falls under the protection of the first amendment.

Ok, rant over, but this is me asking my friends and family who see and hear this kind of talk to do something about it, our country needs it.