Really?… And This is Supposed to Be Patriotic?…

by gradycarter



This is a screenshot from my Facebook of a friend of mine’s Status this morning. This friend is actually someone that I love, and he has served his country in combat, which is far beyond anything I have contributed to the safety of our nation. He has served in the military, and claims to believe in American Exceptionalism – this is a recipe for a very pro-American mentality. This however does not add up for me when I saw statements like this. Is it actually “more American” to talk about not wanting to be a part of America?

I haven’t told my friend that I’m posting this, but I’m expecting that once he sees it I will be hearing about it 🙂 it’s somewhat of an experiment to see how long it takes to get back to him.

I just cannot add these two components of Patriotism, and abandonment together to get strong Nationalist sentiment. What do you think?