Lisa Ling Talks with Leader of Exodus International about Abandoning Reparative Therapy – “Our America”

by gradycarter


Reparative Therapy, simply put is the counseling-like practice of attempting to get people who are alleged or professed to be attracted to their same gender to change their mind and peruse those of the opposite sex. This practice is a relatively common practice in America, in fact in the last Presidential election one of the Republican candidates (Rep. Michel Bachmann) helped run a family practice that implemented the practice of reparative therapy. This type of psychological practice has been deemed as unhelpful, and actually very harmful by virtually any reputable psychological board or agency.

As I’ve said before in posts such as this, I am not gay, but I feel responsible for the well-being of those who are struggling to protect themselves. I know multiple people who were either victims of this type of therapy as children or young adults, and it seems to have caused some serious trauma in each case.

You do not have to agree with the idea of supporting same sex marriage (although it might be worth considering all of the implications of limiting the rights of others on behalf of your own personal comfort / taste), however finding out that something like this has been psychologically unhelpful and flat out abusive deserves your attention, assuming you don’t actually wish ill on gay people because they are gay.

I’ve relayed this Bill Maher joke before, but I’ll do it again – one thing that I have in common with homophobic people is that I too am freaked out by the idea of boys kissing, so I guess I won’t kiss any. However, I don’t think that my comfort level should dictate their rights, or their health.

P.S. My wonderful sister was on this show last year (not this episode) speaking about childhood obesity (as she is a child psychologist). She reported that Lisa Ling is absolutely the “real deal”. She said that she was gracious and kind, and actually took it upon herself to help beyond the programming of the show to get an overweight child the help that they needed. This report from my sister of course only expanded my crush on Lisa Ling…