Russell Brand Takes Over the News As Only He Could – Morning Joe

by gradycarter


For the last 2 and a half years I have watched Morning Joe nearly every single weekday. Well, I have watched the podcast version of the show, which is shortened down from the 3 hours of the standard show to a 1 hour segment without commercials.

I started watching the show after I had the opportunity to meet the shows 2 main hosts in December of 2010 at the launch conference for the political group No Labels, for who I worked for a few months. Joe and Mika were very kind and courteous to me while I followed them around with a hand held camera for about 20 minutes as I was instructed to do, well minus a few weird looks from Mika. After watching them 5 times a week for 2 and a half years I really feel a closeness that only television can propagate.

Well as they are my dear friends at heart, in some way, I don’t post this to taunt them, but this video is wonderful at their show’s expense, in particular for Mika. Neither Joe or Mika are perfect, but as Russell Brand slowly breaks down their show I could help but smile, he was being human, transparent, and caring whether it seemed like it to Mika or not. Please, take a few minutes to enjoy this derailing of an interview that comes from simple carelessness, and definitely stands to serve and teach a few lessons in how to speak to people.