Just a Reminder That Letting Gay Parents Get Married is Maybe Not So Bad…

by gradycarter



History was made today, twice in fact, as the United States Supreme Court struck down DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act, poorly named in my opinion), and the standing for Proposition 8 in California (which was a democratically lead initiative to make same sex marriage illegal). A lot of people are going to be very upset, and a lot of people are going to be very excited. And honestly there are going to be a lot of people who don’t really care… I think that in these times of administrative scandal and executive mistrust we might want to come together and agree in lessening the governments roll in certain aspects of our lives.

A couple of years ago Zach Wahls had the chance to speak in front of his representative body in the Iowa Congress to talk about Gay Marriage, and he told a short but sweet story. So sweet in fact it ended up getting him a speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention. But you know what? That speech could have very well been at the Republican National Convention if Republicans would’ve claimed this issue as a way to tell the government to back off… It’s not too late to feel that way, and to get on board the at least somewhat libertarian bandwagon. Well, I’m not quite as well spoken as Zach, so I’ll let his infamous speech do the talking


A few months ago I blogged about Proposition 8 specifically in regards to those who are a part of religious organizations who oppose marriage equality from the bully pulpit of public opinion. This day might be a lesson to some of those members of society, but maybe not. Feel free to read it by CLICKING HERE.