Dark matter: The matter we can’t see – James Gillies

by gradycarter


Part of having a blog for me is realizing what my ego looks like. As I post about different ideas, and I know that it takes some level of self importance and self involvement that I might know about something that I think more people need to know or hear about, I understand thinking I’m a know it all. But trust me, I don’t know it all, and I’m well aware.

Well, since I don’t know how to be 100% without ego I will keep posting things that fascinate me. And lately my biggest obsession has moved back to space videos, and this one is great.

I used to have all kinds of theories about outer space and other dimensions, mostly so that I could better rationalize the possibilities of my own religious ideas. Over the years this connection between thinking that we exist within multiple dimensions but can only perceive up to the third dimension has lead to a lot of fun in watching videos like this one. My theories have long been based around the idea that we exist at least within a fourth dimension, so that time might not constrain us and we might live forever (since it’s suspected that beyond the third dimension time may no longer be a constraint). Well thinking about time/space, matter/energy, and how exactly light and gravity work is enough to make my head spin completely out of control. Adding the ideas of anti-matter or dark-matter usually ends up with me re-watching videos multiple times… So if you’re like me and will likely watch this video multiple times then I’ll stop delaying you. If you have anything comparable to this video please feel free to share it with me.