Turkey’s Civil Revolt: Istanbul Rising – VICE

by gradycarter



I have a confession: I have never been in a fist fight in my whole life… There, I said it. I’m glad that I haven’t, and I’ve actually talked my way out of fights at bars on multiple occasions (and actually have hugged it out with guys who wanted to beat my face in just moments prior). I’ve always thought of myself as relatively tough however, but maybe I don’t necessarily want to test whether or not I am as tough as I think that I am…

When I see videos of people standing up to police lines, as many have done around the world in the last few years, I have a multitude of voices in my head. Party of me thinks that those people must be crazy and reckless, but then part of me asks why so many are so willing to risk their health and life. It is much like the most historically compelling case for belief in Jesus as the son of God – why would these people risk so much, and suffer so greatly if it weren’t as serious and as real to them as they are saying? Well, I don’t know that I’m a gigantic advocate for rioting, but I do know that bold stands like this compel me to listen.