Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette Have a Conversation about Liberty, and Yes I Actually Love It…

by gradycarter

Penn and Glenn

I have found Glenn Beck to be repugnant on multiple occasions (i.e.: when he called the President racist, which got him fired from Fox News essentially), and I’ve been disappointed in some of his theatrics. However, I do appreciate that he does have some interesting things to say sometimes, and I find that this is particularly true when he sits down with people who he respects who are somewhat different from him. I think the Penn Jillette is probably the best example of that in which I’ve seen. I do like Penn Jillette, I really appreciate his uniquely bold convictions. As this is a long video I’ll let them do the talking, but feel free to give your feedback.

Also, if you are interested in what it means to be a libertarian by any measure you should give this chart a look over. I find libertarianism fascinating, and I tend to believe that the majority of our nation to be more libertarian (other than when I see polling that the majority of the nation is ok with our citizenry being data mined by multinational corporations as well as the government…). I felt that I should share this chart to contrast with Glenn’s chart that he shows at the beginning of this discussion. I think that his approach is interesting, but I think that the political spectrum could be just as well if not better explained by this chart below.Ok, The End.


Click on this picture to learn more about the Nolan Chart