Moore Prayer, Moore Help, Moore Recovery – The Moore Tornado (5/20/13)

by gradycarter


Having grown up in Oklahoma my friends, family and I always seem to joke about tornadoes, often just calling them “naders” in our roughest country accent. The reason that we laugh is much like that of many things that we joke about that hurt – if we weren’t laughing we’d be crying.

Well, sometimes it is time to cry… The tornado that passed over me and my home town today was horrific. It passed over Norman, and hit Moore. These monstrous tornadoes always seem to pass us and hit Moore. It is such a heart wrenching thing to watch – and every time I find myself fearing the day when it doesn’t pass Norman by.

As of a few minutes ago they announced that the death toll had hit at least 51 people, and it’s rising. To make the sting even worse there are suspected to be more than 2 dozen elementary school children dead amongst the rubble… This is our nightmare.

Oklahomans always prove to be kind hearted in times of crisis, which seem to have been too regular at times. To all of my Okies – let’s pray together, and work together to recover, once again.

I shared this on my Facebook, but I couldn’t help but share it again.

“Let’s pray like it’s on Him, but work like it’s on us.”