Elizabeth Warren Rips Regulators in Banking Committee Hearing on Illegal Foreclosures

by gradycarter


There is something wrong with our society if a video like this doesn’t outrage virtually everyone you know… We know that the game is rigged, and we know that some people have such built in advantages that they are simply insurmountable, but when it’s put in front of us like this there had better be some outrage… Ms. Warren has been a very divisive figure over the last couple of years due to her aggressive sentiment towards financial regulations. I am sure that if many things were dumbed down for me enough I would find that I disagree with what she wants, and that she would want more regulation than I would. However, this short clip shines light on an what seems to me to be such blatantly obvious injustice that I can’t imagine why someone would agree with Senator Warren, outside inhumane greed… Does this sound completely reasonable to everyone else?