Diving with Nile Crocodiles and Sharks: Anderson Cooper is Braver Than You – 60 Minutes

by gradycarter

Nile Crocodiles: Diving with a deadly predator – 60 Minutes.

03242013 60 - 1

Anderson Cooper is a great foreign corespondent, interviewer, daytime talk show host, and apparently he is great at being completely insane! Anderson is famous and wealthy (as he is a Vanderbilt), but in spite of these things he is just about the most daring journalist I know about. I mean, let’s just say that it doesn’t seem very likely that we’ll ever see anyone at Fox or MSNBC swimming with Crocs and Sharks!

I still can’t decide which one is probably more dangerous, but I think that the new segment about Anderson diving with Nile Crocodiles is scarier to me. Which one scares you more?

This segment is older, but it seemed necessary to put these 2 clips together.