Polling Update: Presidential Approval, Congressional Republicans (as of 3/19/13)

by gradycarter

This polls, like most things, tell a mixed story full of nuance. It starts with President Obama having more people disapprove of his job performance than the number that approve. However, the Republican Party as a whole is still seeing much gloomier polling numbers than the President. But even further still as the Republican Party tends to be the more anti-government party seeing so much disconcerting polling of government approval will inadvertently have have benefits for their movement, well this has been my suspicion for several years now.

Lastly though, I think that Joe Scarborough made a great point on his show this morning about congressional polls when he said that people overall disapprove of congress in vast swaths, but people tend to highly approve of their congressperson. That is a little disappointing to me, but it is just how this seems to work. This is complicated, partially because people don’t always know enough.