College, Inc. – Frontline

by gradycarter

College, Inc. – Frontline.


This is not only a conversation about morality if you believe in education as part of our civic responsibility, this is an economic conversation at it’s very core.

Also, if you went to a school like the ones mostly discussed in this video please don’t let it discourage you or feel lesser. The themes of this video are systemic of all higher education. I am not a prodigy of the educational system, but I know that I’m smart, and being someone who would’ve liked a more interactive educational environment I find the industrialization of learning to he somewhat discouraging. I love the growing availability and technology that comes from this movement, but the impersonal value that students seem to hold runs counter to what I wish for. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

Addendum – sorry but they took the episode off of YouTube, so here is just a sampling.