Drinking Age Debate – 60 Minutes

by gradycarter


Having gone to college in the last few years I find this conversation to be very interesting. I think that it’s an important thing for us to discuss, and I don’t mean to be a party pooper. I would love to know what any Okies who are in their young 60’s think about this considering the changing of the drinking age while you were growing up. Incase a lot of you were unaware the drinking age in Oklahoma used to be 18 for girls, and 21 for boys, but there was a curfew for girls if I’ve been informed correctly. I good family friend of mine was actually instrumental in the case against the state of Oklahoma disputing the constitutionality of the gender discrimination for drinking ages in a case called “Craig v. Boren“. Mr. Craig is one of my personal heros, really having nothing to do with this case and everything to do with being a great man. Times and laws have changed, but a lot of the people are still around, and I would love to hear what all they think about this video from 2009.