Rachel Maddow Slams President Obama’s Drone Policy – (2/4/13)

by gradycarter


I posted about drones for foreign vs. domestic use a while back in a post called “Prone to Drone“, and I think that Rachel helps this conversation move further. I appreciate that she was willing to criticize her “team”.

I don’t always agree with Rachel Maddow, she is more liberal than I am. But, I do appreciate her very thorough and well examined pieces on her show that are likely to be contentious, like drones. I appreciate that she sites sources and makes well framed arguments, so that it’s possible to disagree with her and explain why.

I decided that this video was worth posting because Rachel rarely seems to disagree with President Obama, but when she does she means it. And by far the topic that she seems to have the most disagreement with him on is drones. I have differing feelings on this topic, and since I still consider myself somewhat of a conciencious objector the the debate as a whole I would rather post this and hear what others have to say on the subject. It is a conversation that crosspollenates domestic and foreign policy, and definitely calls for a re-examination of a few basics (ie: The Golden Rule). I think we can let the video explain the rest: