Today I’ll Be at The Meeting to Make America Work! – No Labels

by gradycarter

2 years ago I stumbled upon an amazing group of people, and they are now undeniably a part of my personal story. While living in Pennsylvania/D.C. I was contacted by a group called No Labels, and they told me that they were attempting to do something that I’d never heard of in real terms, conquer the growing American political divide in Washington with actual policy proposals. But with our toxic political field we needed more than just changes of the rules, we have to attack our fracturing heart with relational strategy to welcome voices of reason to talk once again, reassuring them that they have support for being responsible for all of the citizens that they represent.

In December of 2010 I had the honor of helping other like minded people from around the country speak with one another at the No Labels national launch. I met politicians and news tycoons alike, and hearing them describe the America that I dreamed of, where differing ideas are considered beautiful, but deferential representation wasn’t acceptable.

Well, it’s 2 years after the launch and No Labels is doing it again. Today I am in New York City volunteering at the second grand installment of No Labels bringing people together to propose real reforms that demand that we have a functional government. Platforms like Make Congress Work! and Make The Presidency Work! are full of ideas that can help us step forward in a time where we are constantly faced with a standoff of special interest controlled parties.

I am excited to see No Labels gain traction hosting people today such as Governor Jon Huntsman (Republican) and Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat-WV). Not to mention Governor Huntsman’s daughters… I’m glad to know the wonderful people who work for this organization.

Please examine their proposed platforms for getting us back on the right track, and let me know what you think. I realize that this sounds somewhat vague, but I have to be up in a few hours to Make America Work! (which is the theme of this conference). I will say that the proposals that seem to elicit the most excitement from my experience are: No Budget – No Pay (congress doesn’t get paid if they don’t pass a budget), filibuster reform (allowing bills to be introduced before being filibustered, as well as actually making people physically talk and filibuster like in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). But look at the lists and see which proposals most intrigue you.

And if you are seriously interested in what I’m saying I would recommend checking out their website, but also go to Netflix and look up the movie Patriocracy (it actually talks about No Labels for a few seconds).

Ok, I must sleep. Please let me know if you have questions about any of this, and feel free to watch the meeting or following allowing on twitter @NoLabelsOrg.