North Korean Prisoner Escaped After 23 Brutal Years – 60 Minutes

by gradycarter

North Korean prisoner escaped after 23 brutal years – 60 Minutes.


A few years ago I didn’t really know much about Asia in general, but now after having lived in China for half of a year I now feel more aware of the spectrum of the human condition, especially in relation to totalitarian governments. I knew that China was supposed to be a Communist country, but I didn’t know much of what that meant in real day to day terms. I was shocked at a lot of the freedoms that I did get to experience while in China, but I also felt a bit more free than their actual citizens in many ways. I lived about 300 miles from North Korea, and I would often turn towards the beach near by and imagine the suffering that was happening on the other side of the water. I had always lumped the cultures together, but they simply are not the same thing.

After watching videos like this I realize that I’m still incredibly ignorant to much of the truth in the world. It is hard for me to imagine just how people can treat one another so poorly… I would love to find a way to be active in relieving these people, and I would love to see our government make a stronger push to eradicate such horrific treatment of other human beings. If we are advocating for human rights this is definitely a real dark spot on our record. I know that it wouldn’t be an easy fight, but it is one that I hope that we are fighting covertly.