Morning Joe Charts: Fiscal Cliff – Steve Rattner

by gradycarter

Morning Joe Charts: Fiscal Cliff.

So now that the election is over and we’ve had a little time to digest what has happened we need to face it, the election it’s self didn’t solve our problems. So, it’s time to get back to talking about what we’re facing as a nation. The biggest problem that we face currently in the short term is the Fiscal Cliff, and it is really going to take some grownups to work this out.

These charts break down the different sides of what would or wouldn’t happen if we were to allowed to go over the “fiscal cliff”, but the chart at the end is the best at summarizing what action/inaction would actually mean for the country in general terms.

This chart is the more long term version of what Mr. Rattner and projects from the CBO’s (Congressional Budget Office) reporting on the fiscal cliff.

Here is a quick video explaining what we can expect with facing the “fiscal cliff”.

Schwab on Fiscal Cliff