Chase Whiteside debates James O’Keefe at Temple University

by gradycarter

Chase Whiteside debates James O’Keefe at Temple University – YouTube.

I love a great debate, especially one with informed young people. These are two guys who have two very different styles of journalism, and they are compelled by rather different philosophies. I really like Chase Whiteside, and I think that Jame’s O’Keefe gets a bad rap. I appreciate that they both believe in what they are doing, so I hope that you enjoy this.

I must warn that this at many points seems like a trial for James O’Keefe, but I think he does rather well in explaining himself.

Whether you enjoy this or not you should probably look both of these people up, because we are probably likely to see them both for quite a while.

New Left Media (Chase Whiteside’s site)

Project Veritas (James O’Keefe’s site)