The Dust Bowl – Ken Burns (PBS)

by gradycarter

I grew up hearing about The Dust Bowl from my grandparents, and I always thought that it was just kind of a bad storm that my family had been a part of. I didn’t think of this being a story that was really worth telling… I don’t know why, maybe just because it was depressing. But the older I get the more important legacy and history become in my pursuit of living a fulfilling life. The realities of this time period started to become more clear to me after having read The Grapes of Wrath in high school… Reading that book actually gave me great grief as I thought about people past and present living through somewhat of a hell on earth.

This PBS special is going to air on November 18th and 19th. I plan to watch this and talk to my grandparents about it. If you have grandparents who experienced events such as this and the Great Depression, and World War 2 I recommend that you talk to them about it now, even if it doesn’t feel urgent – because it is…

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It was the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history—in which the heedless actions of thousands of individual farmers, encouraged by their government and influenced by global markets, resulted in a collective tragedy that nearly swept away the breadbasket of the nation.

It was a decade-long natural catastrophe of Biblical proportions—encompassing 100 million acres in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico—when the skies withheld their rains, when plagues of grasshoppers descended on parched fields, when bewildered families huddled in dark rooms while angry winds shook their homes and pillars of dust choked out the mid-day sun.

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