Why Republicans Said Not To Vote For Romney

by gradycarter


I would rather you watch this video before you get bored of me, so watch it and if you’d still care to know what I think you can continue on below.

I have a few very stark and competing feelings regarding this election (on Romney in particular), and in the end they lead me to believe that we are going to have a smart and capable president after this election. I’m not certain that we’ll have an honest President, or that we’ll have a President who can live up to all that they’ve promised the American people, but I do know that the 2 men running for the office of President of The United States who have any chance of winning are very intelligent.

I do think however that there is a pretty important distinction in how their colleagues have spoken about them. I haven’t ever seen Democrats as a whole go after President Obama for being deceitful and for being a liar. On the flip side I have absolutely seen that with Governor Romney, and now watching the same people who disparaged him for months, or in some cases years, pretend like it never happened is maddening. So, I’m posting this video as a reminder, because as I’ve said before, Mitt Romney does lie to the people but I’m unsure if he sees it as being for their own good, and thus he in his mind is doing the right thing… I think that’s probably the case considering the insurmountable trail for a moderate Republican that leads to the Republican nomination for President…

Now, I know a lot of conservatives will respond to this by saying that all politicians are liars (which I don’t agree with – ie: Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul), but even if we are to accept them all as liars that doesn’t mean that they have to lie equally and correspondingly. Mitt Romney lies, often. The question you have to ask yourself (especially if you’re a moderate) is if you’re ok with that due to the extreme right that he is obviously attempting to bypass to accomplish necessary conservative goals. And this is not to say that being a part of the extreme right simply makes you wrong, it just means that without a lot of people like you consenting he wouldn’t have the nomination. Before I cut myself off I just want to reference a post I made earlier this year saying that he would pivot to the middle, and I was asking the question of whether or not you would be ok with that. Well, now he’s done it, are you ok with it? Here’s the link “The Virtue of Flipping and Flopping”

Hopefully I have explained myself clearly. My mental battle with conservatives right now is 2 fold: understanding what’s wrong with President Obama (I am not getting clear responses), are you comfortable with having a President who has such a propensity to lie (and I don’t think Obama lies like him)?

What do you think when you watch this?