Lara Logan: The Longest War – 60 Minutes (Full Video)

by gradycarter

Lara Logan: The Longest War – YouTube.

I had a lot of thoughts about this report, and for some reason it seemed like a better idea to just put them in a bullet point format. Long story short, I think that we are being told that things are better off in Afghanistan than they really are. The next big problem is that this isn’t necessarily because we are failing, we just might be facing an unwinnable situation (go as the Russians what they think about war in Afghanistan…). The fact that our troops are getting killed by the Afghan troops who we’re training is unacceptable… But if we leave are we just giving up? You don’t have to go through my bullet pointed thoughts, but I do recommend at least watching the report, and if you are still interested watching the BGA conference video. Feel free to let me know what you think.


The Longest War Video


And at a conference by an organization called the Better Government Association Logan talked about what it meant to be a part of this report, and why she is disappointed with the politics of today.

BGA Conference


Thoughts about the war:

  • I want the truth
  • I love Lara Logan, I think that she’s a Great reporter.
  • Republican’s have cried wolf for so long about so many things it has been difficult to listen to them about most things. They have behaved very disrespectfully, and the biggest problem with this is that they have made it difficult to hear even the strong points that they might make. Democrats might pander about Afghanistan, and about what happened and is happening with the attack on our service members in Libya – and if they do I want to know about it.
  • Even though the Republican’s have been difficult to deal with both Vice-Presidential candidates in their debate agreed that Al Qaeda is getting weaker in Afghanistan – so we’ll need to see why the agreed if that’s not true, and whether or not they are being unfair if they decide to start disagreeing
  • We have spent too much money
  • Things are not safe enough
  • What does this mean for the President?
  • How do we deal with this war in a tribal culture
  • The government says we’re virtually one drone strike away from winning, Logan says that this isn’t true
  • If President Obama is in the wrong about his rhetoric about this war in Afghanistan we need to demand better – But we can’t forget that this is not simply indicative of him, and this is not the first time anything like this has happened (The Pentagon Paper, and “No End in Sight”)
  • This as an issue in American politics is very,  very tricky…….