What Happened at Bin Laden’s Compound that Day? – “Mark Owen” Interview on Seal Team 6

by gradycarter



Did you hear about that navy seal from seal team 6 who “went rogue” and wrote a book about what happened on the night that we killed Osama Bin Laden? Well, as it seems to me, he hardly went rogue, he just wanted to get the story straight, and in so doing he had support among the other seals. This was really a chilling interview… I recommend watching it, especially considering that the idea that it seems to have taken politics out of the equation (even though I am proud of President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for being the only one’s brave enough in the decision room to say that we should go own – but this video doesn’t talk about that).

I really admire this man (who used a false identity), and the rest of the seals who were a part of this operation. The last political thing that I will say about this whole story is that I’m completely ashamed of Fox News for deciding to release his real name, and place not only his life in jeopardy but also the lives of those close to him… Seriously, how could they justify compromising the life of a member of our military like that?… I won’t be putting his real name in this post. I’ll get off of my high horse, but I’m also going to include the 60 minutes interview with Leon Pannetta about his job, and the mission to get Bin Laden.


The Story of Seal Team 6’s Mission to get Bin Laden


Interview with Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta