New Rule – The New Neighbors

by gradycarter

New Rule: The New Neighbors

Bill Maher each week on his show has a segment called “New Rules”, where he gives comedically scathing reviews of things or people that he doesn’t approve of. Sometimes he can make very poignant points during this segment, and sometimes it is basically about whatever he seems to find worth joking about in his last few minutes on air each week. Today I’d like to make a new rule of my own.

New Rule:

Corrupt Members of society , whether they be involved in government or in business (or some kind of freaky hybrid), who have hurt people with corrupt practices should have to register as “offenders”. Every time they try to make a legal transaction of a certain level of significance or price with you, they have to warn you that they are an “offender”, and if they don’t they’ll face punishments… In some states (ie: Oklahoma, my beloved home state) somebody could pee in public and have to register with the state as a “sex offender”. They have to tell all of their neighbors each time that they move that they are a sex offender… I’m not saying that this would be wrong for actual sex offenders, but when you become so willing to lie to Your Self justice almost surely will not be served… Peeing in public is not sex offending. I won’t pretend that I have all of the answers on moral issues, I can’t simply make everything black and white, but I know that calling this

sexual offense takes cognitive dissonance… I would prefer that over this however…

Billy was pretending to have peed in his pants to help a friend, but even if it were not pretend I would prefer that he find a bush… Peeing in your pants is not cool to people. I would prefer that you just act as this man in China did while I was visiting the Shanghai equivalent to Central Park while I was traveling in China

This man looked at me as if I was completely out of line, and I returned the favor. But after reflecting on this event, I would prefer he not wet his pants (although, he was about 50 yards from a free public restroom…).

So I’m kind of joking in that I’m not actually advocating for indecent exposure, or public urination so much, but I am saying that peeing in public does not make you a sex offender. And on the flip side, just as I do actually want to know if I’m living by an actual sex offender (not a public urinator), I want to know if I’m doing business with a crook… The lack of any kind of a crack down on Wall Street after the 2008 collapse has spurred doubt about justice in our system, and when an “offender” wants to do business with me I want to be the one to decide whether or not I’m willing to a risk working with a cheater…

Ok, I’m done with my New Rule, but if you feel the same way about the lack of a crackdown on Wall Street you should watch, if you haven’t already, the Academy Award winning Documentary Inside Job (Best Documentary 2011). Here’s the trailer from the movie: