Massachusetts Senate Debates: 2 Down, 2 to Go

by gradycarter

So the battle over the senate is always hard fought, but this time around there is one major “power house” election that has far more notoriety than all of the others. The election between ‘consumer advocate’ and Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, and current Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. They have already had 2 debates, and the third of four debates will take place tonight (October 10. 2012). So far in their two debates Senator Brown (who replaced Sen. Ted Kennedy in a special election when he passed away during the healthcare debates) has come across as kind of a bully (which is not his reputation, so it seems like he’s possibly behaving according to political advisement would have him) with his attacks on her Native American background (saying that she’s not really Native American, and that she’s used that tagline as an advantage to get ahead), and he has attacked her work as a lawyer in a case about asbestos. Professor Warren is from Oklahoma (as am I), and it’s very likely that she does actually have Native American ancestry (as do I), but regardless this seems like a meaningless distraction to me, especially the relentlessness that Senator Brown has had in attacking the issue. Senator Brown is also an Independent (as am I), and I do appreciate that about him. However, he was formerly a Republican in the Massachusetts state legislature, and he has campaigned as one with his remarks to the President. I have mixed feelings about this election, but I prefer Elizabeth Warren, we need some tough Democrats in Washington, most of them are pretty wimpy (which was the saddest part of watching Anthony Weiner go away… He was tough).

Alright, well I wanted to post about this to say that this is a race to watch, but also to offer up a great example of how a debate should be moderated (as one is every week on his show “Meet the Press”) by David Gregory. David Moderated the second debate between these candidates, and I really wish that he would just moderate all of the Presidential debates. I like that he gets involved when he spots political spin, he could’ve really made that first Presidential debate a real debate… Ok, well below I’ve posted the first Massachusetts Senate election debates, and if you are only going to watch one of them I recommend the second one with David Gregory… Enjoy

Debate 1:

Debate 2: