A Sobering Weekend

by gradycarter

I was a part of an extraordinarily sad story this weekend, and for that reason I want to ask that if you believe in prayer to pray for my friend and his family.

Last Friday night I made plans to watch the debate with two of my friends, one of them I am still just getting to know, but I won’t use his name for his privacy. The one who I don’t know as well is in the military, and he was scheduled to be shipped overseas this week, so he wanted to watch the debates and talk about them while he easily could. Well, in the middle of watching the debate online at my apartment last Friday might we had to pause because he received a call from his family. He needed to go because they said that something happened to his brother… We were all nervous, but he said he’d keep us updated.

As it turns out my friend’s brother was hit, on foot, by a drunk driver… He made it through the weekend, but he passed away at 1:00 A.M. this morning…


I know that this might seem like an unusual post, but sometimes when big events happen in life you have to make a change of pace… My friend’s brother’s name was Jonathan, and Jonathan came to my apartment this year to watch the Super Bowl, and he was a very fun/funny person. He was only 20 years old… I don’t know if they’ll have a foundation, but I know that if prayer works that this is a time for prayer warriors to step in.

We have a family with a son who is about to be shipped over seas, leaving his wife, and now they’ve lost a son… Since I still don’t know much of any of the details moving forward I just think praying for the Haney family sounds like a good idea right now…

I guess the theme other than to call for prayers for my friend’s family is to make a warning call to anyone who might read this who still occasionally drinks and drives. This just isn’t worth it…

Here’s the story Jonathan Haney.