The Reaction to the New Unemployment Numbers

by gradycarter

The September jobs numbers just came in and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the jobless number has fallen to 7.8%, which is the lowest reported during the Obama administration.

8% kind of signified the magic number for a lot of people. Republicans were noting that unemployment had never gone below 8%, and Democrats were noting that was getting closer and closer. I was expecting to hear Republicans say “that’s still not good enough”, which would have been an argument that we should’ve probably had. But instead they aren’t questioning whether or not 8% is something to talk about (as of yet), they are instead questioning whether or not the real number is below 8%.

It all started when former CEO of GE (1981-2001) Jack Welch (who is very well respected in the business world) tweeted a message the other day inspiring conspiracy theory from right to far right. Republicans have been glad to report slow job growth when the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported it, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics is virtually never questioned on their credibility as a nonpartisan / non-appointed agency. However, it looks like we are living in a new age where instead of questioning facts the goal has become muddying the waters so you can say whatever you want. It’s like after the Paul Ryan speech at the RN when all of the Republicans started saying “we’ve got to fact check the fact checkers”, which is fine if its sincere, but they haven’t seemed to want to have that conversation.

Now that I’ve said this here was the unemployment information as reported on Anderson 360 with Anderson Cooper.



And here was some of the reaction that ensued:


This was the Facebook status update by Alan West, the Tea Party congressman from Florida who said there were 79 or 80 democrats in Washington who were members of the communist party… He was one of those new congressmen from the 2010 midterm elections after the ACA was passed…





I think that it’s just a bit disheartening to watch the same people throw the jobs reports in the President’s face when it’s convenient, and then question the reports altogether when they don’t like what they see. With that said, it’s important to note that when Jack was asked if he was really questioning the credibility of the report on Anderson 360 he said he didn’t have any proof of corruption, but that this jobs report represented growth that he just couldn’t believe… Living in a country where the perception of government and big business is that of corruption (and I tend to agree that this is a major problem), it is just disappointing when people decide to so obviously play both sides, depending on convenience, and then they aren’t questioned harder on it.