Update On Swing States 9-21

by gradycarter

The time has come for another update on the Swing States, and it seems to be more of the same recent store (aka: Mitt Romney’s campaign is in trouble). I say that Governor Romney’s campaign is in trouble because even though the President’s numbers have risen some recently Mr. Romney’s have fallen even more… Of course there are different polls, but even the Fox News polls have been looking bleak for Governor Romney.




I found this one to be surprising because I’ve heard for a long time that Republicans have a voting block that is just more likely to vote no matter who the candidates are. I don’t know if this polling is somehow going against that

This might not be all that telling, but in real terms twice as many people said that they are less likely to vote for Romney because of his “candid camera” comments. I think that between that video, and what/how/when he said the things he said during the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East, he is in big trouble. I personally think that he has lost this election.

This map might just tell it all…