Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold

by gradycarter

Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold.

Have you heard people say that documentarians are not worth listening to because they are always so biased/liberal?… I have most definitely heard that, and I partially understand the fear behind it. Being a lover of documentaries/information, I find that I usually get frustrated when people say that they are unwilling to pay any attention to documentaries, or the few prolific people who seem to make the recognizable documentaries (of which there are not all that many) because they are just all biased I can’t help but think that this has to be one of the best smear campaigns of all time. To be fair I do think that there is somewhat of a liberal bias in the media, and that includes documentaries, but I don’t think that it’s exactly what a lot of people think. I find this bias to be correlated with viewership, and being “cool”, and being that the liberal side of the aisle seems to have a corner on the younger and cooler audience I think that they have a leg up on having media outlets looking to increase ratings by trying to be cooler. An example of this bias can be seen in comedy – quick name me as many conservative comedians as you can… Was it a pretty short list? I mean there are some libertarians in the world of comedy, and a lot of them, but they tend to be “liberal” on social issues, which is really the crux of the whole liberal slant in the media in my opinion, social issues that is.

Well anyways, Morgan Spurlock is the director, star, and mastermind of the world famous documentary Supersize Me, in which Morgan committed to eating McDonald’s for every single meal for 30 days. It was of course a sensation around the world when people got to see with their own eyes what they were sure to already know was true, McDonald’s was not healthy… I highly recommend watching Supersize Me, however, I come to you today with news of his newer venture, which has actually been out since the beginning of 2011, and it’s called “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold“. This documentary is attempting to start a discussion about the importance of transparency in advertising. His TEDtalk dumbs down the movie a lot, but I definitely recommend watching the movie as well as this video. Here is the trailer for the movie (which comically is an advertising spin for the movie), and below is the TEDtalk about the movie. I recommend watching both. Please feel free to give me some feedback on what you think about this post, I love the feedbacks.