iPhone 5 Full Apple keynote September 2012

by gradycarter

iPhone 5 Full Apple keynote September 2012 – YouTube.

My blog is usually about things on my mind, which usually has to do with current events/politics. So, when I recently decided to blog about the iPhone 5 and I had an overwhelming viewership response it was one of those moments where I am faced with the reality of what people are most interested in, and a lot of times it is not what I’m most interested in. And I’m okay with that, I understand that a lot of people feel helpless about a lot of the problems in the world, and worrying about all of our problems just feels like too much.

With all of that being said I’m going to continue to blog about politics (especially the Presidential race during this fall), but I want to make sure that I do my best to find what is relatable in these stories, and I’m going to try to simplify a lot of the important information that I know people would like to hear if it weren’t so difficult to find among the 24 hour news cycle. I’m inspired by how much people move towards a good product like the iPhone – Apple has done amazing things over and over, and I feel that we should make note their achievements. In the same way, I hope to (with this blog) help people remember to make note of justice and compassion in the world. I realize that a lot of people who might have come across this message are way more interested in the video, but feel free to give me feedback if you care to.

Ok, now for the keynote address. I think that people are too critical in the world. Why do we all feel like we have to be critics? I don’t know the answer, but I’m about to be a little bit of one. This might sound expected, or like an easy critique to make, but the people making presentations during this keynote lacked the charisma and confidence of Steve Jobs. I am not trying to pile on, but it’s just one of those moments where we can remember how good he was at relating to what people wanted. They did stay rather true to his style of presentation however. I think that when it’s all said and done the presentation was fine, but more than that I liked the phone.

*Warning: this is a spoiler alert for the keynote presentation for the phone

Now my thoughts on the Keynote Address:

  • The Screen is bigger (which means updated functionality)
  • Better processing chip (A6)
  • Better battery (even though they’ve increased the speed and ability of the phone)
  • The Camera is better (I don’t care that much, but I know a lot of people do) – But Panorama is going to be an option
  • Noise cancellation speaker
  • New Connector Piece, which means you’ll have to get rid of old chargers, but it makes more room for speakers, and it’s reversible
  • iOS 6 – Maps is like a GPS (turn by turn) and has Yelp, and a 3D flyover view.
  • Safari is synced with iCloud, and you can pull up any website that’s open on any of your devices.
  • The is a folder in the email box for VIP email contacts
  • PassBook is a new app that saves information like boarding passes (and apparently a lot more).
  • Facebook & Twitter are now very integrated in everything that iPhone does, so it’ll be easy to post things (people will pretend like they don’t care, but this will probably be the most used update…)
  • Siri knows more about sports and restaurants

There is more information, but for the people who want the dumbed down version, that’s what I picked up front he talk. They also announced some changes to iTunes, and it is intended to be much more interactive and in the social media world. Ping failed at accomplishing what the update to iTunes seems to aim for. The new iTunes is coming in October.

The new iPod Nano is pretty cool, and I don’t think I can even explain it very well, so I thought I’d just post a picture:

And as for the iPod touch, it’s almost as thin as the Nano, but other than that it’s a lot like the iPhone, as the iTouch usually is. The “Clumsy Ninja” game that he played looked like a big waste of time, but a fun waste of time…

There wasn’t too much to see after that, but the Foo Fighters played a little bit at the end of the presentation, which I thought was a little random, and out of the Steve Jobs model… Oh well, we move forward, it just seemed a little desperate. I hope that they are confident in what they’re selling, and it looks like they should be. If you decide to watch the video I hope that you enjoy it.