President Obama’s Approval Ratings Hit 50%, and Fundraising

by gradycarter


For the first time in several months President Obama has out raised Governor Romney (albeit by a little). This fundraising shift was measured from the month of August, which doesn’t include any potential change in support for either side due to the parties conventions.

Moreover, It seems rather fair to say that in the court of public opinion that the Democratic Convention went better than the Republican Convention (regardless of the reality that little was said in real terms at either convention, and that’s not to say that Republicans would necessarily agree with this).

The big story here though is that the president’s approval rating has gone over 50%, and he is looking very strong in swing states (Ohio in particular).

People love to talk about swing voters playing a big role in elections, but I actually think that we’re about to run into an election cycle where the turnout of the steady voter will matter most, especially with the President leading (will his supporters make that lead count for something?).