Real Time – Desired Cuts in Spending By Party (Survey)

by gradycarter

Desired Cuts in Spending By Party.


This above graph was on the website for the show Real Time with Bill Maher, but it was taken from Slate.Com. I saw this on the blog for Real Time, and I think that this is pretty interesting, as I’ve been asking this question about what we should cut of my conservative friends, and only sometimes do I get full answers beyond being very upset with welfare.

Not wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, or Defense seems to show a lack of understanding in spending. Although, younger Republicans that I speak with seem to be fine with cutting all of these, except maybe Defense spending. Older Republicans who I speak with however don’t seem to want to make any cuts in any of these things, and they are the absolute most expensive items on our budget. We continue to be more and more polarized, and in my opinion that is partially attributed to us having a very disorganized conversation, where many of us are having entirely different conversations. Do we want to talk about welfare? Ok, that’s fine, but that is not getting at the main drivers of our debt, unless if you are confusing Medicare and Defense for welfare (and I’m sure there are plenty of people who truly believe that they are). Of course I’m merely sharing my experiences, and polling could be useful in breaking down the parties and their demographics beliefs as well. But I just can’t understand what exactly the cuts that many of my Republican friends have in mind are (not to say that I don’t support spending cuts, I do).