A look Inside Romney’s Tax Returns

by gradycarter

A look inside Romney’s tax returns.

I post a lot of Steve Rattner material, and usually I find that it is information that a lot of people would actually find very interesting, but they are so turned off by political combatancy that they stop reading before they actually understand the “pitch” of what is being said. I think, however, that this is an article that people will be willing to push through that uncomfortableness to hear about something as big as Romney’s taxes.

I actually predict that Romney will release more information about his taxes (the conversation is just too toxic for his campaign considering American voter’s low tolerance for “slick politicians”), and I think that he will release something (even if it’s a consolation) after the Republican Convention, which is this week in Tampa Bay.

I’m not sure what will happen, or what it’s effect will be, but I just can’t imagine that with this conversation raging on that they’ll continue to ignore it all the way until election day. Let me know what you think.

A look inside Romney’s tax returns …