Polls: If Election Were Today, Swing Tally, & the Direction of the Country

by gradycarter

These polls are a mixed batch from: NBC News / The Wall Street Journal poll, and the Quinnipiac / New York Times / CBS News poll.

The simple message that I am getting from these images here in political terms is that while voters think we could be headed in the wrong direction they don’t seem to be placing the blame on the President entirely, as many people do and have done for a long time. Whether enough of them will feel this way come election time for him to win the election is yet to be seen, but it seems that from current polling he will be outside of the margin of error if these polls are accurate and the race were held today. This is of course my conclusion after comparing the last 2 slides with the first one in particular.


As for the swing states, Ohio and Florida are always in the talk, but the battleground state that seems to be the front line for battle is Wisconsin. Several up and coming Republicans are from there, of course including Paul Ryan (the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate). And after the failed recall election of Scott Walker earlier this year there has been more and more talk about an upset.




These next 2 slides are disheartening for any American, but the only way to make a real change in these charts is to have grown up conversations about entitlement spending (and to me that includes Military spending) without throwing out a social safety net, failure to pass/balance budgets, and setting aside a lot of social policy issues for the sake of the country. These polls will probably have to go down before they go up, as it’s going to hurt to do the right things.