Party Popularity Polls

by gradycarter



These are the latest polls about the parties’ popularities. It shows that the Democratic party is slightly ahead of the Republican Party in popularity. Also, I don’t like say GOP, it just sounds elitist and misguided to me… If your opponents call you the “Grand Ole Party” that means something, but not when you call yourself that… Am I wrong? I don’t know, maybe, but I just find it indicative of where the party is heading in this increasingly diverse world, and there lack of room for that diversity…

I didn’t mean to start ranting, but like when the tea party first got rolling and gay people showed up supporting fiscal conservatism, and they were chided and abused… That happened repeatedly, and it was supposed to be a group of people who were simply wanting to talk economics. Oh, and yes, even though the Republican party is fracturing I still consider the Tea Party to be a fragment of that party, but simply because they’ve behaved that way.

It just a matter of time before they party resurfaces with a younger more tolerant leadership, and we’ll see them take over again like they did in the 90’s and in 2010. Until then though I think we’ll just see these numbers and their role dwindle.