My Simple Sox

by gradycarter


I’ve always been told that people are creatures of habit, but in my life I’ve noticed that some people are more susceptible to contiously choosing to create habits in their life than others. I think that habits can be great for people as they can play the role of a constant in the experiment of life, which helps one to observe the world with fewer variables. I’m being incredibly vague, but I think that’s alright.

I’ve tried to take notice lately of areas in my life that could use more habitual behavior, that might help create more structure in my day to day. Part of the motivation behind this idea is that if I eliminate some of the smaller decisions in my day to day I can focus in the larger ones. For example, sox… Why on earth do I spend any time looking for missing sox because I only have a loner?… It sounds easy, but the answer could be complicated actually. I might have lost one on a trip, I maybe used one to start a fire in my fire place when I was tired (probably not though), maybe I left some at my parents house the last time I did my laundry there, or maybe I just have too many different kinds of sox… I was just doing my laundry and I noticed that I had Seven (7) different kinds of liner sox, when I realized this would be so much easier/simpler if I just bought one kind of sock for my day to day.

It might sound like a small idea, but just the feeling of epiphany gives me motivation to simplify other parts of my life.

The picture above is a picture of where I was when I had this epiphany, and I thought that it might be worth posting, maybe as encouragement that simplifying the small stuff really might make your big stuff seem much more manageable.

Here is a list of stuff that I posted a while back that is intended to help you simplify your life. It is very long (which ironically enough doesn’t seem very simple) but maybe it would be a good list to look at from time to time, and maybe it would be good to just pick a few things from the list to try to implement in your own life.

100 Ways To Uncomplicate Your Life